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Sponsorship – with us on the path to victory: the CERATIZIT-WNT PRO CYCLING TEAM

No other sport reflects CERATIZIT’s corporate values better than cycling. And at the same time it has a direct link to the products that we develop, manufacture and sell on a daily basis: high-quality precision tools for the cutting tools industry. So what could be more natural than to put together our own women's cycling team with the best female athletes: the CERATIZIT-WNT Pro Cycling Team. The 14 international female athletes act as brand ambassadors and even more: they carry the philosophy of the company into the public eye.


The CERATIZIT-WNT Pro Cycling Team has steadily developed from simple beginnings and is now firmly established in international women’s cycling. The team was founded in 2014 by WNT in Sheffield in the UK. Three years later, in 2017, it was launched with a licence as a ‘UCI Professional Women's Team’. Today, fourteen female cyclists from nine different nations make up the team.

  • CERATIZIT Sponsorship

    We get things moving: powerful tools for high-tech bike components

    Something not immediately obvious at first glance, however, is the fact that cycling and CERATIZIT products have a lot in common. In what way? Numerous bicycle components are machined, and since professional sports primarily involve the processing of superfine high-tech materials, high-performance cutting tool technology is required. Some of our customers use quality tools from CERATIZIT for the production of their top-quality bicycle parts. For CERATIZIT, then, cycling sponsorship is an ideal marketing instrument to increase brand awareness and make its products accessible to a broad public outside of the obvious target groups.

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  • Four values combine technology and the team

    Creating something special every day, cracking tough nuts together, effervescing with new ideas that move us all forward... This is what drives us, makes us proud of our work and is the essential basis of our corporate culture: trust-based cooperation, good team spirit, identification with the company and a working atmosphere that motivates, inspires and encourages us.


    To achieve this, we rely on four fundamental values that we also find in cycling, and in our team in particular: 


    • Teamwork
    • Fighting spirit
    • Creativity
    • Long-term thinking


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    CERATIZIT Sponsorship

Global Player – Global TEAMWORK

One team, one goal: team CERATIZIT WNT Pro Cycling is fully geared for success. The international composition of the team is very important to us, because the CERATIZIT Group too is a global player and has a worldwide presence. Even if this brings with it certain challenges in terms of the different cultures involved, to balance this there are endless opportunities, as we can all learn from each other, discover new things together and broaden our horizons.

  • Fighting Spirit

    FIGHTING SPIRIT is in our genes

    Nothing is as sweet as success, but it takes hard work in preparation and sometimes a little bit of luck in the actual race. All the same, the indispensable ingredient we can’t be without is the special CERATIZIT fighting spirit that can make all the difference. 

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Pace setters not slipstream riders – with CREATIVITY to the goal

We are pioneers in many fields. First and foremost in the technical field of cemented carbide and tool development. But in sponsoring too we go our own, unique way and support women’s cycling with our CERATIZIT-WNT Pro Cycling team. Generally teams look out for suitable sponsors, but we have turned the system around and specifically put together our own team – in the sport which, we are convinced, perfectly represents our values and fulfils our expectations. The team’s sporting success proves the validity of this concept: with top placements in the world rankings, our cycling team occupies an excellent position, and the advertising value and reach that are generated for us along the way are immense.


It’s already a success story, and we are ready to write the next chapter.

Acting with responsibility and THINKING IN THE LONG TERM

Long-term thinking is one of our values – at CERATIZIT as well as with the cycling team. This includes not only sustainable management, financial security and planning, the development of young talents, the focus on team spirit (‘cos only teamwork makes the dream work’), but also responsible and environmentally friendly behaviour and cooperation with partners who share these same values. A perfect example of this is the partnership with the clothing manufacturer Chillaz from the Zillertal Valley. We were impressed by their philosophy – they aim to produce garments that you will want to wear every day, even when they are past their prime. Of course, the quality of the clothes, their look and feel-good factor impressed us as well.


Another example is our initiative ‘Machining meets Cycling’, through which we want to give young talents the opportunity to combine a cycling career with professional security.

Why CERATIZIT invests in cycling

Thierry Wolter, Member of the Board of the CERATIZIT Group, explains in the following video why CERATIZIT invests in cycling. There are seven reasons why CERATIZIT and cycling are such an ideal match.


CERATIZIT Sponsorship