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    Consistent growth in the number of electrically powered vehicles means their motors must be produced with extreme efficiency. Cemented carbide is currently the best material suitable for the most economic production of rotor and stator parts. Additionally, it has vibration-dynamic and wear-related advantages compared to steel.

    We provide a wide range of tungsten carbide solutions for E-Mobility, including carbide blanks for progressive dies for rotor and stator production, nickel-bound grades for magnet production as well as wear parts for the mass production of lithium-ion batteries. If required, we are also able to supply carbide-steel composite solutions.

    Optimal results are achieved combining the suitable carbide grade for your application with an outstanding service package: advice concerning grade characteristics and selection, optimisation of machining processes through our products and customer-specific seminars.

    Product details

    • Rotor_Stator
      Carbide blanks for progressive dies for rotor and stator production
      Carbide meets the high requirements on the material for rotor and stator production – outstanding wear resistance through high hardness levels combined with high fracture toughness and transverse rupture strength create the perfect conditions for achieving maximum tool life. The carbide used for the active parts must also have excellent corrosion protection to enable it to withstand long dwell times in the dielectric fluid during the eroding process without suffering corrosive damage.

      Leading toolmakers and tool shops use CERATIZIT carbide blanks for progressive dies for punching rotor and stator plates for electric motors.

      In order to be prepared for the products of the future, we have invested in a new isostatic press in our production department in Empfingen which allows us to produce parts with diameters up to 350mm.

    • Tools for electric motor magnet production

      When used for magnet powder compaction, our nickel-bound carbide grades (e.g. CTS17R NM) are guaranteed non-magnetic and boast increased wear resistance. For magnetic materials, our nickel grades offer excellent fracture toughness in addition to the necessary high hardness. You will benefit from the substantial increase in tool life and, compared to steel tools, machine downtimes are considerably reduced, making the entire system extremely efficient.


    Wear parts for the mass production of lithium-ion batteries

    Wear parts are another example of the mass production of lithium-ion batteries, as they withstand the abrasive effect of the lithium salts that have to be mixed.

    Customised solutions

    We support our customers with unique know-how as an expert development partner to create the optimal product for their specific application.

    Advantages & Benefits

    Specific recommendation of the most suitable grade

    Tool life optimisation, increased productivity, process optimisation


    Widest range of corrosion-resistant grades available on the market

    Individual grade selection for the largest application range in the fields of stamping, bending, blanking and forming operations


    Certified according to IATF 16949

    Secure and reliable processes


    Research in study groups with scientific institutes and partners from the e-mobility industry

    Access to the latest developments and trends in e-mobility


    E-mobility R&D activities

    Innovative solutions, perfectly suited to the challenges in the e-mobility sector


    We offer tungsten carbide solutions

    High flexibility for every application

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