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Cemented Carbide from CERATIZIT for High Wear Demands

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    What is cemented carbide?

    Cemented carbide is a composite consisting of a hard material and a very tough binder metal. The material is extremely hard, characterised by high wear resistance and high hot hardness. It is used wherever tools or components are exposed to high wear, as is the case when cutting hard materials. Carbide improves the quality of tools and components, gives them a longer service life and ensures that processes are safe and reliable.

CERATIZIT manages the entire production process chain of cemented carbide and cemented carbide components, from powder preparation to forming, sintering, finishing and surface treatment. The blanks are subjected to grinding, polishing and EDM machining and are then given an innovative wear-resistant coating, when necessary. This ensures that our carbide products have the properties required for industrial applications.

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What does cemented carbide consist of?

Cemented carbide and cemented carbide components are made from extremely hard tungsten carbide and ductile cobalt. The two substances are mixed in the form of powder.

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    What are the application fields of cemented carbide tools?

    Cemented carbides are used today in numerous industries and production processes, which would be unthinkable without them. Complex products and modern materials make ever higher demands, in terms of tooling and material standards and call for machining accuracy, in the following fields for example:

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Carbide Ups Your Productivity

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Unbreakable carbide drills for medical and dental technology

CERATIZIT produces tailor-made carbide products for medical technology, including solid carbide bone drills as well as ‘as sintered’ and cobalt-coated and sanded pins, rods and moulds for the dental treatment. We also manufacture needle holder tips for surgical instruments.