Steel & Metal Processing

For the steel processing industry, we manufacture different types of hot rolls. Our engineering expertise ensures that components boost their performance thanks to cemented carbide. As a result, our hot rolls have the perfect balance between wear resistance and fracture toughness, with a high comprehensive strength. This will make your rolling operations more economic, while at the same time improving the quality of the output. CERATIZIT also produces winders applied in slitting knives for the metal industry, guaranteeing a precise cut and longer tool life. For metal forming, we provide carbide solutions for several applications, such as tools for cold and hot forging processes, finished drawing tools as well as nibs for wire drawing dies, tools for the nail making industry, and blanks for cold forming dies. Thanks to our special grades, a combination of high wear protection and fracture toughness is ensured.


When it comes to drawing tools, our nibs and drawing mandrels ensure a high-quality surface finishing and close tolerances.

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Sawing & Cutting

  • CERASPIN – High quality ceramic components

    Next to carbide, ceramic is one of the most important hard materials. Our ceramic solutions provide maximum flexibility. We use Silicon Nitride, the most exclusive ceramic material, to provide our customers with blanks tailored to their requirements as well as ground final products.

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