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The best components for booming industries

Tailored, premium-quality carbide solutions

When it comes to the development of special solutions that set new standards in the plastics industry, you can count on our many years of experience. You can order nozzles and mould cores for Metal Injection Moulding (MIM), as well as dies, knife blades and rotor knives for pelletizing– and all from a single source!

Product solutions for the entire value-added chain

High-performance products and services from CERATIZIT are in regular demand at numerous big-name customers. We are experts in all areas of the process chain of carbide production, from the raw material right through to the finished product. We draw on this unique expertise to develop a solution tailored to your precise needs and maximising the service life of your assembly groups.

  • Nozzle tips

  • Shut-off needles

  • Valve gate nozzles

  • Nozzles for open systems

  • Mould cores in cemented carbide

  • Rotor blades

  • Cutting strips

  • Pelletizing dies

  • Cochlea tips with plating

Carbide solutions from CERATIZIT optimise processes in the manufacture of plastic products, be it injection-moulding, extrusion pressing or deep drawing. The final products are used in the following sectors:

- Mechanical engineering

- Automotive

- Aerospace

- Sanitary industry

- Medical and laboratory technology

- Packaging

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Solutions for the plastics industry
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