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Durable. Quick. Precise.

Key competitive advantages

CERATIZIT provides tools and nibs for all drawing processes. They are manufactured either on the basis of the customer’s drawings or from drawings by CERATIZIT.

Variety of drawing products with one tool

The carbide grades that CERATIZIT has developed specifically for drawing tools have an optimal relation between hardness and fracture toughness. They exhibit only minimal wear and have a long service life.

Precision at high drawing speeds

Our modern grinding technology makes the close tolerances and high surface quality of our drawing tools possible. Wires, tubes, and bars can be drawn at higher speeds, enabling short machining times.

  • Sintered carbide nibs for wire diameters

    - from 0.10 mm to 10.00 mm

  • Standard drawing dies

    - round and profiled

  • Adjustable dies for flat profiles

    - insert type

    - saddle types

    - adjustment in both directions

    - adjustment in one direction

    - Inserts, shoulders and saddles are available as spare parts and can be ordered in solid carbide or brazed execution

  • Drawing mandrels

    - drawing mandrels for tubes

    - drawing mandrels with thread

    - brazed mandrels

    - floating mandrels (solid carbide)

  • “Serie Oro“

    - adjustable (Italian patent)

  • “MasterDie”

    - exchangeable (European patent)

Product portfolio overview:

All tools can be produced for round and simple profiles or even more complex shapes.

Application areas:

- Wire production

- Standard wire – ISO programme

- Steel cord and saw wire

Particularly suitable for materials such as:

- Steel

- Stainless steel

- Copper alloys

- Aluminium alloys

- Silver and gold

Our drawing tools in various end markets:

- Automotive industry

- Construction and metal construction industry

- Electric and electronics industry

- Jewellery industry

- Tool production

Drawing Tools and Drawing Nibs
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