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Efficient hammer drilling into concrete, armoured concrete, natural stone + masonry

Increased productivity at the lowest possible costs per drill hole

Quick drilling with low wear: our carbide grades, developed especially for stone machining, deliver the necessary performance required for the most demanding hammer drilling applications. They are enormously resistant to wear, allowing for a long service life.

Customer specific solutions and geometries

Aside from the world’s most comprehensive standard line of drill tips available from stock, our focus is set on the development of customer-specific solutions. Decade-long partnerships with our customers, the extensive experience of our engineers, as well as the most modern technologies guarantee future-oriented products.


- Semi-finished

- Coated ready to braze or weld


Carbide properties:

Depending on the grade, the properties vary accordingly:

- Wear-resistant – even when drilling into very abrasive concretes

- Sufficiently tough, e.g. when encountering reinforcements

- Hard

- High compressive strength

- Impact-resistant

- High transverse rupture strength

Our metric drill tips correspond to the PGM® standard (Prüfgemeinschaft Mauerbohrer - Test Association Masonry Drills).

With our hammer drill tips, you can machine all types of stone. Hammer drills with carbide tips are often used to machine concrete, armoured concrete, natural stone and masonry.

Our product range encompasses tips for cordless, as well as hammer drills.

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