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CERATIZIT is providing rapid, tailored assistance

The coronavirus pandemic is a historic event that is dominating headlines the world over. At the same time, we are witnessing an international wave of helpfulness, solidarity and unity. CERATIZIT is also helping to successfully fight Covid-19. Our strategy is based on two key aspects:

1.) Maintaining worldwide production and delivery
2.) Providing specialist assistance, wherever possible to do so

Here we explain exactly what you can expect from an international supplier whose carbide portfolio features premium components: A strategy that goes far beyond pure product quality and also includes innovation, speed, flexibility and passion – aspects that are critical right now as we find ourselves in the midst of a pandemic.



Protect people – safeguard supply chains

More than 8,000 people worldwide work for CERATIZIT in 80 countries. All of our workforce has been informed about strict hygiene and safety measures, visits are kept to the bare minimum and working from home is the norm wherever possible. Our customers benefit from this successful approach day after day, because so far all supply chains are operating to schedule as usual – even though we have also had to protect individual employees and a few production facilities with quarantine measures. And if a local stoppage looks likely, CERATIZIT has the flexibility to continue production at another location. The logistics centre in Kempten, Bavaria also continues to deliver standard products quickly and smoothly as usual.



A partner to key experts

Of course, at the moment, all those working in the health system are given special priority. However, doctors and nurses can only fulfil their vital key tasks if adequate amounts of technical equipment are available. Which is why, for example, CERATIZIT UK & Ireland (Sheffield) is supporting an initiative to produce life-saving ventilators by offering its expertise, innovation and special rates. Our "British Partner Offer" applies to all machining companies in Great Britain that are involved in the manufacture of these medical devices. They benefit from intensive support from all specialist teams (technical, project, application) and will receive test tools free of charge for performing cutting trials on ventilators. In addition, orders from manufacturers of such components will be handled as a priority and delivered quickly – no matter what the order value. A discount available until the end of August and an extended tool returns period also form part of this partner offer.



Ventilators for Great Britain

The coronavirus pandemic has hit the United Kingdom particularly hard. The British government has therefore called on manufacturers to accelerate the production of much-needed ventilators. CERATIZIT UK & Ireland responded immediately: companies that are already manufacturing or contemplating manufacturing ventilator parts will receive technical support and can order tools under special terms. Our colleagues at our British sales office are prepared for this new level of demand and are able to support all manufacturers with their technical expertise, flexibility and creativity.

Speed matters
Over 30 engineers are advising the entire British market and answering questions about cutting tools and applications. In one case, a customer produced 30,000 parts for CPAP ventilators. The high quantity and tight delivery times meant tools had to be made available quickly. Since CERATIZIT is a full-service machining provider and has immediate access to an extensive tool portfolio, the customer contacted us; and after having already requested delivery of numerous standard items in an initial order, more taps and end mills were ordered every day – all of which were delivered the next morning.


A secure supply of raw materials for all industries

It is not just medical technology that is extremely important during the coronavirus pandemic; a steady supply of hygiene products and food must also be produced. CERATIZIT's carbide components are used in a wide range of industries to achieve reliable, accurate results. This reliability is based on expertise on aspects ranging from raw materials to ready-to-use products; in this respect, manufacturers can rely on carbide components, which are tailor-made from the powder mixture to ultimate use, even during a pandemic – no matter for how long we have to contend with Covid-19. The raw materials used come from certified smelteries and are also obtained in part from used carbide tools: the in-house recycling system returns worn components to the production cycle, enabling raw materials to be recycled in a way that is as responsible as it is sustainable.



Also efficient in America

CERATIZIT USA's workforce is also helping to fight coronavirus and is supplying North American machining companies which manufacture ventilator components. In particular, manufacturers require reamers, which can be quickly called for as standard items at any time. As soon as customers submit a component drawing, suitable reamers are selected and delivered. Of course, everything from the idea to its implementation proceeds at a rapid pace. In one case, only a little more than a week passed from receiving the drawing to the start of production – with quick measures effective against Covid-19.



Face shields from the 3D printer

In addition to much-needed ventilators, face shields are also of great importance during this coronavirus pandemic. Our colleagues at CERATIZIT UK & Ireland are helping by using their in-house 3D printer to produce plastic headbands, which are an important component of multi-part face shields. These bands are ergonomically designed and sturdy so that they can be used more than once. A welcome source of support for the local health sector, which is supplied with personal protective equipment directly from our sales office.

Free production data for everyone

Continued production of these face shields is being driven by British apprentices, because there is great demand – and not just in Britain either. In order to enable as many people as possible worldwide to create these themselves, CERATIZIT is sharing the production data and making it available to download for free here. It takes about two hours to 3D print a mask headband.

Working together to fight Covid-19

One of CERATIZIT's customers also began manufacturing face shields using 3D printing to meet local demand. However, demand quickly grew, and so this tool and die maker developed a silicone form that is more comfortable and flexible compared to the 3D shield; in addition, products from this production facility can be sterilized. CERATIZIT assisted with the production of the tool moulds and supplied
carbide milling cutters for roughing, plunging and finishing. These face shields are being used internationally, which is why CERATIZIT has already placed an initial order for 5,000 units, to equip employees and customers.

Across regions, continents, and worldwide, only one thing matters:
We must all work together to overcome coronavirus!